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Photography Lighting Technique Book

At its core, this is an easy-to-use technical handbook with lighting set-ups and simple tips you can implement right now to improve your lighting. Each chapter focuses on a type of lighting (e.g. one-strobe, four-strobes, camera flash, natural light, hot lights). This book and its images are meant to inspire you, with a candid look into the background and thought behind each creative concept, as well as the process of bringing ideas to life...

Fashion And Beauty Actions

I’ve been working with Pratik Naik of Solstice Retouch over the past 6 months to create Photoshop actions for you photographers out there. We broke it up into two different categories, Fashion and Beauty. All the actions are non-destructive to your native file. For the advanced users, the layers are all editable so you can go in and make minor tweaks or changes. You could also combine different actions of top of each other to create various looks...

The Call

Recently I wrote a short film that I directed, dp’ed, and produced. Sometimes you’re just thrust into things and it turns out to be a blessing. That’s how I discovered my love for photography ten years ago, and now it's dejavu all over again. What started out as just a random project has now turned into an exciting adventure exploring the world of film making...


Quavondo is an award winning commercial photographer and retoucher who has also expanded into the world of directing. With a keen eye for detail, lighting, composition and artistic vision, he is able to create visuals that tells a story, draw in the viewer, and hold their attention.


He is low maintenance, quick on his toes and has a great sense of humor. Quavondo promises that he won't refer himself in the third person if you hire him.

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As you can see, Quavondo's body of work includes everything. He's not limited to a genre or style. He will adapt to your needs. Go on, email him, he's super chill.

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