The Film

It finally happened. I was long overdue I guess. I would like to share with you a project of mine that’s gotten me all giddy. I think I’ve actually found a new love. Since I was a kid I’ve always wanted to make movies. But by 'make' I had in mind being in front of the camera. Be a Hong Kong action star like Andy Lau. The problem is, I could never remember lines... maybe I could have been the next Silent Bob. Perhaps in the next life time.

Recently I wrote a short film that I directed, dp’ed, and produced. Sometimes you’re just thrust into things and it turns out to be a blessing. That’s how I discovered my love for photography ten years ago, and now it's dejavu all over again. What started out as just a random project has now turned into an exciting adventure exploring the world of film making.

It was a long process and a big learning curve, but in the end everything worked out for the best. The film has been doing quite well in the festival circuit, and I'm looking forward to creating more films down the road.