The Book

When I started photography, I reached out to many photographers in my community for help and guidance, but most were standoffish and secretive about their techniques. One said that I could come on set and assist but that I would also have to pay him. There were a few who welcomed me with open arms and let me come on their shoots. Our focuses were very different, so after a shoot or two I ended up going out on my own, but they had styles that I liked and that influenced me as I developed my own. To those photographers: Steve Bloch, Joni Kabana, Dan Tyrpak, Pete Springer, and Manny Minjarez, I am very grateful and say thank you.

There are so many how to books out there on photography lighting, why is mine any different?

At its core, this is an easy-to-use technical handbook with lighting set-ups and simple tips you can implement right now to improve your lighting. Each chapter focuses on a type of lighting (e.g. one-strobe, four-strobes, camera flash, natural light, hot lights). This book and its images are meant to inspire you, with a candid look into the background and thought behind each creative concept, as well as the process of bringing ideas to life.

There is a wide variety of imagery in this book, 50 to be exact, shot both indoors and out. It covers a wide range of genres (lifestyle, beauty, sports, fashion, portraits, commercial work), so that all photographers can benefit from the demonstrated techniques. Anyone looking to make the move from amateur to professional will find this an invaluable resource. Professionals looking to kick-start the creative juices will find inspiration and perhaps new lighting techniques to improve and simplify their process. Novice photographers may wish to familiarize themselves with the glossary terms first, but rest assured, this book minimizes jargon and maximizes utility.

I want to thank Zemotion (Jingna Zhang) and Solstice Retouch (Pratik Naik) for taking the time to review my book and writing the foreword. Both of your talents are amazing and to have your respect is truly humbling. Thank you for your support.

You can find Quavondo's Photography Lighting Techniques on Amazon. ISBN: 978-1466463844